About Us

At ShadeMasters Tinting, we don't do wheels, we don't do tires, we don't do sunroofs, we don't do stereo gear. We specialize one one
thing, and one thing only... Top of the industry, flawlessly, and meticulously installed to be as perfect as humanly possible... window tinting. We welcome "picky" people, and those vehicles that "have to be perfect" weither a personal daily driver, or full blown show car.

Got a vehicle that other shops can't or won't do? El Camino's, 944/924/928's, Beretta's, Beetles old and new, 50's and 60's cars, and anything else that you have been told "can't be done", or "we don't do those" call us... it's what we do. After 28 years of learning, and teaching, and the endless refinement of new installation techniques into an art-form... Nothing scares us, and are always looking for a new challenge.

We are proud to be the Hampton roads area's exclusive dealer of worldwide patented Huper Optik multi-layered nano-ceramic window film. We also offer worldwide #1 best selling LLumar high quality films. A more affordable option for those not looking to spend several hundred dollars, but still want a highly respected quality brand name, and the most extensive dealer network of any brand, for warranty peace of mind if they leave the area.

Over 15,000 vehicles tinted and counting...


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