Exp. ress Tinting: "The Great G.O.T. - T.I.N.T Fiasco..."

There has been some confusion (by design) among our customers recently between us, the original "Exp. ress Tinting of Hampton", and the G.O.T. - T.I.N.T guys now using our "former" name. We would like to explain the situation and, hopefully, clear up any misunderstandings.

(Google merged my listing with thier's the broken words are an attempt to recify the problem)




The ORIGINAL Exp. ress Tinting of Hampton located at 1517 Aberdeen Rd. was US... For over two years we provided high quality window tinting services under that name. Building a very good reputation here in Hampton as "the place to go" for window tinting along the way. When we dissolved our partnership with Express Tinting in Va. Beach at the end of 2009, we decided to begin the long process of changing names to ShadeMasters Window Tinting. This was done in order to avoid the inherent confusion with the beach location as far as us both radio advertising under the "same name", while being seperate companies.  


  To ensure that all of our previous customers would still be able to find us for new business via active web listings, referrals from friends and family, or warranty purposes, we have maintained an open phone line under our "old" name "Express Tinting of Hampton". After all, we spent better than two years building our good reputation for just that reason. And, we did have an active business license, and an active DBA (Doing Business As)/Fictious Name registered with the city of Hampton under that name. That is less than a year old..
Shademasters Old Location


To all the lawyers out there that read this and go... "Wait....they did what???":

We are aware that this is basically a textbook example of the common law tort of "passing-off".

However, if you know exactly what that is, you also know how expensive it is to persue.

Anyone interested in handling this case for a percentage of any settlement please feel free to call...


Following the split, our former business partner sold the Va. Beach location to a new owner... In April of 2010, the new owner decided to capitalize upon our already established reputation as "Exp. ress Tinting of Hampton" by opening a brand new "Exp. ress Tinting in Hampton" just one block away from our shop, with much higher visibility, right on Mercury Blvd. Obviously the intent was to create confusion in order to lure our repeat/referred customers away from our business by encouraging the belief that we, the original, had simply moved to a better location on Mercury Blvd.

As if that wasn't dishonest enough, several customers came to us and revealed more direct sabotage. When they called the "new" Exp. ress Tinting and specifically asked about Aberdeen Rd., they were told that the store had "moved just around the corner." (at the time we were still on Aberdeen Rd.) There is also a notice on a google review page alerting customers to the "move", using the name of one of our former, and their current employees. The same posting has since been posted to the "Shademasters Tinting" google place page on Dec. 8th, 2010 under the name "Anonymous" (which if you click on the name, takes you to all the various "edits" they have tryed to make to our various listings proving who posted it) So this is an "still on-going campaign" rather than just a 1 time event.



The "757-GOT-TINT.com" thing was adopted because WE still own www.expresstinting.com, and are in no hurry to give it up.

Update: In an effort to compete with these guys for our own reputation, we too have now moved up to Mercury Blvd. We are now located at 3233 W. Mercury Blvd. Hampton Va. (Inside "Extreme Automotive" in the building that was formerly "Williams Honda", directly accross the street from "Arby's").



To all of you who have enjoyed doing business this last few years with professional and honest experts in the window tinting industry, or for any of you looking to tint a vehicle for the first time, rest assured we are still here for you. Doni, Melissa, and the ORIGINAL Exp. ress Tinting of Hampton is just around the corner from where we were. We just upgraded to the best window films money can buy, and changed our name to ShadeMasters.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion you may have had. To our loyal customers, thank you so much for your continued patronage. To our new customers, we look forward to serving all of your window tinting needs for years to come.


2010 www.shademasterstinting.com